• Registration now open: 20th Smögen Summer Symposium on Virology, August 24-26, 2023. We are happy to also this year have excellent keynote speakers, including Emma Thomson, Glasgow, on hepatitis with unknown aetiology in children, Hugo Zeberg, Karolinska institutet, on gene flow from Neandertals impacting viral diseases, Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam, Karolinska Institutet, on antiviral responses and the impact of immunoglobulin germline variation, and Ralf Bartenschlager, Heidelberg, on molecular virology of HCV, as well as HBV, Flaviviruses and Coronaviruses. See our website for more information and registration.
  • 7th Nordic Conference of Antiviral Treatment Strategies and Drug Resistance, 15th June 2023, Uppsala. See information and registration at the link.
  • 10th European meeting on viral zoonoses, September 23-26, Saint-Raphael, France. See link for more information and registration. 
  • Nordic HIV and Virology Conference, September 27-29, Stockholm. See link for more information and registration.
  • World Society of Virology conference (WSV 2023), Riga, Latvia, June 15-17, 2023. See link for more information.