Welcome to the Swedish Society for Virology

The Swedish Society for Virology was founded in 2008 to provide a forum for all interested in human-, animal-, insect-, plant-, fungal-,bacterial-, clinical- and/or preclinical virology.

The aim of the Society is to promote the exchange of information and stimulate discussion and collaboration among scientists active in all aspects of virology.

The society will present current information regarding upcoming events and meetings, grants,positions, and education opportunities.

Contact webmaster if you want to announce fora meeting, positions, courses, jobs etc,that is related to virology.

Short description of the Society in Swedish

Latest News

2nd SFM day

aug 29, 2016 | The Swedish Society for Microbiology organizes a one day meeting in Stockholm, Oct 17. For more info go to Meetings in the leftmost menu

6th European Congress of Virology

aug 28, 2016 | The 6th European Congress of Virology will take place in Hamburg, Germany, October 19-22. For more info go to meetings in the leftmost menu.