Career opportunities
jun 17, 2020 | Two new positions available. Read more here

maj 14, 2020 | Swedish Research Council (VR) will open calls on COVID-19/SARS-Cov-2 research as well as research on other viruses

17th Smögen Summer Symposium on Virology will this year be held online
maj 13, 2020 | Due to the SARS Cov-2 epidemic, SSV has this year decided that the 17th Smögen Summer Symposium on Virology, will be held online and with a COVID-19/SARS-Cov-2 theme, on Friday August 21.
For this occasion we have three excellent keynote speakers: Dr Bart Haagmans, Dr Marion Koopmans and Dr Stefan Pöhlmann. There will also be a possibility for short presentations as per usual.
Smögen 2020 Final Program

News letters
maj 12, 2020 | Read more

Virology Highlights
apr 16, 2020 | Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 infections in engineered human tissues using clinical-grade soluble human ACE2. Vanessa Monteil V, Kwon H, Prado P, Hagelkrü;ys A, Wimmer RA, Stahl M, Leopoldi A, Garreta E, Hurtado del Pozo C, Prosper F, Romero JP, Wirnsberger G, Zhang H, Slutsky AS, Conder R, Montserrat N*, Mirazimi A*, Penninger JM*.  DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.04.004

ESV Membership
mar 10, 2020 | SSV corporate member of European Society for Virology
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mar 9, 2020 | this week in virology

Virology news
mar 8, 2020 | "Recently identified second ORF in enteroviruses determines viral replication in the gut"
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mar 7, 2020 | -  30th Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology, Berlin, Germany, March 25-28, 2020
-  17th Smögen Summer Symposium on Virology, August 20-22, 2020
-  European Congress of Virology, Gdansk, Polen, May 8-11, 2022
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mar 6, 2020 | NDPIA PhD student / postdoc workshops
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SSV-WSV partnership
mar 6, 2020 | SSV is now in partnership with the World Society of Virology (WSV)
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mar 5, 2020 | SSV on Twitter can be found at

mar 4, 2020 | Information on GDPR at following link

SSV News letter
jan 23, 2020 | January 2020 issue
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